RCAF Airwomen's 14th Reunion

Ottawa, Ontario

7, 8, 9 June, 2019

Our 14th reunion was attended by 143 members from across Canada as well as the USA and UK. 

This first time committee would like to thank all the ladies for their help at the reunion and we are greatful for all of the seasoned advice we received. It will be invaluable for the next reunion. 

The Ottawa committee, chaired by Leah Mosher, had some regulars. Thanks to Hilda Bond, Barb Flynn, June Humphries, Betty Panciuk, and Ruth Wright. Great job ladies!

Guest speakers were: Dr. Andrew Burtch, Historian from the Canadian War Museum and Karen McCrimmon MP, first woman to become an Air Navigator in the RCAF.

Everyone enjoyed The Ladies League of RCMP Curling Club performing the Miserable Ride, a spoof on the renowned Musical Ride.  


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