APRIL 2019

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Only 68 days to go! 

Things are kicking into high gear now, we’re down to the last couple of months. Our committee members are very busy, working hard to make Reunion 14 a reality. 

Ladies, thank you for helping us out by making your payments promptly. This allows us to start finallizing our arrangements with the hotel. There are a few who may have forgotten to make their final payment. If this is you, please forward your cheques and e-transfers to our Treasurer, Claire Williams. If you are going on Paul’s Boat Tour, you can bundle the amounts together. Make sure you send along a note with the breakdown - names, amounts, etc.

These are tentative timings for the weekend:

Friday, June 7, 2019 – Registration from 10:00-16:00, Meet and Greet 17:00-18:00, buffet meal and entertainment 18:00-22:00.

Saturday, June 8, 2019 – For those going on Paul’s Boat Tour, meet in the lobby at 09:45, the tour is from 10:00-12:30. For those staying behind, cards 12:00-16:00. Meet and greet 17:00-18:00, dinner and entertainment 18:00-22:00.

Sunday, June 9, 2019 – A non-denominational church service at 09:00, followed by brunch 10:00-12:00.

There are still some openings if you think you would like to join us in Ottawa for Reunion 14. Just click on the link to the registration form

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Hello Ladies,

We would like to thank those of you who have sent in your stories. We love hearing them as they are our history as told by the women who experienced it. I'm sure they have brought back memories to those who served with you. For those of us who came after you, we love to hear about the experiences of the ladies who broke down the barriers, enabling us to serve our country along side the men in traditional and non-traditional roles.  



Ladies, if you are attending the reunion or know someone who is attending the reunion, start prepping those stamps to bring with you!

When you receive cards or letters from your friends and family, keep envelope with the stamp on it. When you get a chance read how to prepare the stamp below. When you have removed the corner of the envelope with the stamp attached, keep all of your stamps in a spare envelope until you have time to send them to Flo. 

If you have any questions, please phone me at 403-475-6738 or e-mail

To see details about the preparation of the stamps, click here

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here



Edith Marie Collins - Click on the following link to listen to Edith talk about her experience in the RCAF during WWII: 



Terry writes:

I am a really old member who can no longer take an active role, but would not have traded my years for anything. I joined in 1951, told you I was old. We had no uniforms, so we wore them from wartime surplus. I left to marry my airman 5 years later and stayed involved till his retirement after 20 years.
The following is one of my many treasured memories. During the Polio epidemic in 1952 or 53 .... I was sent to Winnipeg on TD to help in the hospital, I believe the Princess Margaret. We worked long hours with little time off, but it was the most rewarding time of my career.
As a medic and wearing my uniform I could not have been prouder. We were there 6 weeks and I went back to visit when the opportunity presented itself several years later. Anyone else remember?           Terry
Edith writes:
Just thought I would let you know about the "last" course of the early 60's. We showed up in St. Jean's Aug 8 1962, Course 6236 and everything was different for us (that is what we were told) and we were treated kind of special. Every base where I went the women were in small numbers. Lots of places we were doing a clean up of the barracks for the men to take over when we left. It was interesting and fun to be the last but sad too. I was so happy when I heard they started recruiting women again.           Edith

Dee writes:

I too got caught up in the famous Hong Kong flu. I was at 6RD in Trenton when it hit. People at our station and across the street at Trenton were falling like flies and that's when I got called into help out with patients coming into clinic. I lasted less than a week when I came down with the dreaded onslaught! The next thing I knew I was in the hospital at the Trenton base. Memories of my two week stay are vague as I slept most of the time and upon release I was ordered to only work part time and be in bed by 10 every night for a month. No problem there as I was very weak and tired. A month later I was back working full time and didn't think anymore about it.
About a year later I was not feeling well and went to the clinic. The nurse was reading my chart and asked how I'd been feeling. She then proceeded to tell me how worried they were about my condition when I had the flu. She said they were prepared for me to be one of the first fatal cases and had done all the paperwork for my upcoming demise. Shocked I mumbled something like, "that's all news to me, all I know is that I was treated differently from most of the recoveries and just thought I was being pampered." Anyhow that was the last time I volunteered at the clinic and since that time, I make sure that I get my annual flu shot.              Dee

If you think of something that reminds you of an interesting time, let us know so that we can share the thought. We don't have to put your name on the story, however, that won't stop the ladies who were there from guessing. Help us bring back some fond memories for your friends. 

If you would like to share an experience with us, contact us here to share your stories even if it's just a paragraph. We look forward to hearing from you! 



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"Post-Second World War

After the Second World War, the Canadian military shut down the women’s organizations. With the onset of the Cold War and the Korean War, however, the military soon faced a shortage of personnel and some 5,000 women were again actively recruited. While only a handful of nursing sisters were sent to Korea, some servicewomen back in Canada filled the same kinds of roles they had during the Second World War. Their numbers began to decline in the mid-1950s, however, as new technology reduced the requirement for personnel in many trades.

With the unification and modernization of the Canadian military in the late 1960s, the doors finally began to open for good for women to enlist and enter non-traditional roles. Today, women deploy on combat missions, captain vessels and command flying squadrons—their career paths as open as those of men."

The information above comes from the Veteran’s Affairs Canada website:




Dartmouth/Halifax, NS 

The Halifax/Dartmouth Ex-Airwomen's luncheon group will be getting together for their next luncheon April 24, 2019 at the True North Diner in Bedford Place Mall at 1 p.m. The address is 1658 Bedford Highway. If you are interested in coming to our monthly luncheons or want more information, please contact Dot Kern via email:

Kingston/Greenwood, NS

The Kingston, NS RCAF Airwomen's group will meet April 17, 2019 at the Royal Canadian Legion in Kingston, NS at 12 noon. We select a different restaurant each month to support the various businesses in this small community. We welcome newcomers. If you would like to join us please contact Pauline at

Calgary, AB 

The Calgary Airwomen's group meet at #265 Legion on Kensington Road NW. The next luncheon will be in April 10, 2019 at 10:30 a.m.Edith McMinn is the President. Anyone interested to join us for lunches - Welcome! We also welcome Ex-Army and Ex-Navy ladies. I can be reached at or 403-242-2417.

Edmonton, AB 

The luncheons are usually held on the second Thursday of each month, (except June, July, August and December). The next one is April 11, 2019, at Tony Roma's in the Londonderry Shopping Mall, 6604 - 137th Avenue, at 1 p.m. 

There is also a business meeting every fourth Sunday, (except June, July and August), at the Edmonton Air Museum, 11410 Kingsway Avenue, at 1:30 p.m. The next meeting is on April 28, 2019. There is coffee and goodies. There are two ladies who bring something to eat at each meeting. At the same time we celebrate birthdays if there happens to be one the month we meet. 

If any Airwomen, retired, active or in the reserves, wishes to join us or become a member, please contact Isabelle (Issy) McLean, President at 780-722-0014

London, ON 

The Airwomen in London, ON, meet for lunch every 4th Friday, (except July and August). The next one is on April 26, at the 427 Wing, 2155 Crumlin Road, London, at 11:30 a.m. The meal is $10. If you would like to join us please contact Marilyn Chalk at


Click here to let us know if you want to invite airwomen to your local luncheon/meeting/event. Check our calendar for more information. 



For more information on all these and more, check out the link to this event page:

If you know of any noteworthy events or exhibits in your area you think might be of interest, please let us know by contacting us here



As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our members have been with the angels for several years. They are included in our monthly newsletters as we find them.  

Last Name   

First Name            Maiden Name       Date of Death     Age    City             


Blackley Jean    Blackley 9 Nov 2017     uk Great Yarmouth England    
Crawford Marion Dorla Crawford 12 Jan 2019     85 Perth  ON
LaFace Barbara Jean Unkown 3 Feb 2019     86 Edmonton AB
MacCumber      Frances Elisabeth       Middlemiss 1 Dec 2018     87 Milk River AB
Smith Mary Ann "Marion" MacKay 20 Jul 2017     85 Ottawa ON
Thomson Marilyn "Rusty"    Young 22 Jul 2018     81 Lumsden    AB
Walker Loris Ann Jones 3 Jan 2019     83 North Vancouver BC
If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can add their name to our Last Post. Thank you.



A “Very Happy Birthday” to our April Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing. 



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