APRIL 2021


The older I get, the more I know but the less I'm certain of!



We have made a slight change to the look of the Newsletter by putting a picture at the top. If you have any that you would like us to use, please send them.


The Reunion will take place in Winnipeg at the Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites, May 24-26, 2022.

If you live in Manitoba, the members of the Winnipeg Reunion 15 Committee are still looking to gather stories, memorabilia, and names for any new members interested in participating in the reunion
If you have any questions, stories, would be available to volunteer and know anyone who qualifies and would like to become a member, please contact Pat Brennan


Tomi Strand writes: Just thought I would ask if there are any members of course  5535 that were in St. Johns.  I am 83  and would love to hear from them if there is.  Ethel Thompson Strand - I live  in Blind  River, Ontario, Canada  P0R1B0  AND I AM ON FACEBOOK and it says  I was a commissionaire. Thank you, Ethel  or  as they called  me, Tomi


Flo Reid writes:  Just a reminder to keep collecting and sending your postage stamps.  I have been getting lots of stamps in the mail and have had some wonderful conversations with some of our ex-airwomen from coast to coast. Also, it gives me something to do in these COVID times.  
If you have any questions, please phone Flo at 403-990-1556 or e-mail

To see details about the preparation of the stamps, click here

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here. 


"We have come a long way"
March 8 was International Women’s Day. This was "an opportunity to celebrate the great accomplishments of women today, but also, those of women who paved the way for the generations that followed them. Women in the Canadian Armed Forces have come a long way in the last century. Over the years, their determination, courage and leadership have brought about important changes in the Canadian Military, Canadian society and also for women and girls around the world. The following article recounts their history and recognizes women who have accomplished great things in the Royal Canadian Air Force." To read the article click 
here.  Bravo to you for your contributions!

"Major Heather Smith, with 418 Search and Rescue Operational Training Squadron, based at 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia, is the first person to register a perfect score of 400 on the FORCE test this year."
FORCE stands for: “Fitness for Operational Requirements of Canadian Armed Forces Employment”. 
The FORCE Program has three components: the evaluation, support programs, and fitness and wellness participation.
The fitness portion includes 20 metre rushes, the sandbag lift, the intermittent loaded shuttles and the sandbag drag.

Wow! To read the article click here.

Happy 97th birthday to the RCAF on April 1! Did you know that when it was first formed it was mostly a non-permanent force, whose role also included civil operations, like forestry patrols, forest spraying (against insects), anti-smuggling patrols, and aerial surveying? In 1936, it began to be a truly military force, and by the end of World War 2, it was the 4th largest Air Force in the world.
To read more, click 

We are interested in your stories! If you (or any of the ladies you know) have had articles written about you, no matter how minor, please let us know. Maybe you have an experience that you believe should have been published. Reply here


As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our members have been with the angels for several years. They are included in our monthly newsletters as we find them.  

 Last Name  First Name  Maiden Name     Date of Death   Age  Location Prov 
 Landry   Ann Marie     MacNeil 20 Feb 2021    84  Cape Breton   NS
 Symons  Audrey Fay  Johnson 28 Feb 2021    91  Edmonton AB
 Waugh  Mary Elizabeth    Butler 10 Dec 2020    81  Edmonton    AB


If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can add their name to our Last Post. Thank you. 

A “Very Happy Birthday” to our April Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing. 
If your birthday is missing from this list it is because we don't have it. Please click on the Change Information form to add something or make corrections. 

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