January 2018

Happy New Year!


“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone; a back bone; and a funny bone.” – Reba McEntire

Reunion 14 in 2019 at the Marriott Hotel.  Although we slowed down over the holidays, we will be back at it again. The registration form ready in a few weeks. The activities are being researched and we hope to have information about them shortly.   

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to downsize or declutter? Are you wondering where to donate those military pictures and memorabilia? 

Here are some options:

The Military Museums welcome the donation of historical material to our archival collection. This can include any artifacts, memorabilia, medals, journals, log books and other items of historical significance related to Canada's involvement in global conflicts.” Click here

“Our mandate is to acquire, document, preserve and house artifacts that pertain to Canadian military aviation from World War II to present, including other related aviation artifacts and memorabilia of significant historic importance to this period. We depend primarily on donations of items to meet this mandate and would welcome learning more about what you have that could add to our collection.” Click here

“Donations of relevant artefacts – from complete aircraft to personal items of historical significance – may be accepted, subject to curatorial discretion and agreement on value if a tax receipt is wanted by the donor.” Click here

Finally, check out local museums. They would likely be honoured to receive your military gifts.

We hope you received lots of greetings over the holidays; don’t forget to send your stamps to Flo Reid. You can mail her at for more information.


Eugenie "Frankie" (Francoeur) Turner -  To see her profile, click here. Listen to Eugenie tell her story. Click here and press the play button.

Captain Cathy Coombs - Captain Catherine (Cathy) Coombs joined the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) as a 17-year-old in 1976 and retired on October 15, 2017. She rose through the ranks to Chief Warrant Officer, before being commissioned as an officer. Although she loved her 41-year career and it “gave her everything she wanted”, there were challenges. Over the years, she has seen many positive changes, including more acceptance of all people in the CAF. To read the entire article of this amazing airwoman, click here.



If you are interested in getting together with the ladies in your area or if you decide you want to start a luncheon group, tell us about it here and we’ll put it in the newsletter and in the new calendar.

Please let us know if you want to invite airwomen to your local luncheon, click here to leave us a message.


Did anyone attend the The Canada 150 Service Women’s Salute in December?  How was it? Contact us here.


Do you happen to know of any ex RCAF or CAF ladies hosting luncheons in the Mississauga/Oakville area. Please reply here.

Lois Moon asks: I would like this msg to be included in the next newsletter. Thank you. When our Prime Minister made the apology to the LGBT former Federal Govt, and Military members in early December, I discovered that the class action suit for compensation for those who were discharged for being gay, covers from 27 June 1969 to present day only. I have spoken to Douglas Elliott, the lawyer working on the suit, and he will try to include those of us who are discharged previous to this period. Anyone who is interested in being added to this group please contact me. I will give you the contact information. Lois Moon


Last Name

 First Name Maiden Name    Date of Death   Age  City   Prov 
Fraser Ellen Marie Fraser 9 Jan 2016 64 Duncan BC
Hamilton Rosalie June Crosby 9 Dec 2017 77 Upper Clements    NS
Middlemiss      Mary Louise "Mary Lou"     Leblanc 25 Aug 2017 89 Ottawa ON

If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can honour them with an entry in our Last Post. Thank you.


A “Very Happy Birthday” to our January Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing.



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