January 2019



🎉 Happy New Year! 🎉



"You are only limited by your thoughts. If you think you can, do it!


OTTAWA REUNION:             

The place is Ottawa. The dates are June 7, 8, and 9. And it all happens this year! 

The Marriott at 100 Kent Street is the location of the event. 

If you do not yet have all the information or you want to register for the reunion, go to our information page. You can also contact us here for further information. 



Hello Ladies,

Over the past year, some of you may have noticed that your emails to us were not being answered. When it was brought to our attention by one of our members, we were very concerned for two reasons. First of all, we strive to answer all your emails in a timely manner. Secondly, it was very worrisome to think that we may be missing out on emails from anyone. So we investigated and found an unused mailbox that had been deleted. However, we didn't realize that the return address on one of the other active RCAF Airwomen email accounts directed your emails into the inactive email account. We have personally apologized to all the ladies whose emails were found, and taken the appropriate action to ensure this doesn't happen in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

Well, ladies, we have arrived! This is the year of the RCAF Airwomen's fourteenth Reunion. Only 154 days to go from January 1. Things are going to start moving more quickly now.

Lots of people have ordered the polo shirt and/or the vest. The order has been placed. Most have pre-paid. If you have ordered a specific size and have not yet sent your payment, please do so as soon as possible. There are a few extra items for those who had not yet decided, however, sizes are limited. Thank you for your orders. 

Don’t forget to use your CFOne card for free checked luggage at the airport. If you don't have your CFOne card yet, click here to go to the CFOne website.



Remember to save your Christmas card stamps.  🎁 📮  Flo Reid 

If you have any questions, please phone me at 403-475-6738 or e-mail flobobreid@shaw.ca

To see details about the preparation of the stamps themselves, click here.  📬 ✂️

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here.


Jan. 2, 1908 – The first coin is struck at the new Royal Mint building in Ottawa, ending years of importing Canadian currency from England.

Jan. 7, 1919 – RAF Canada comes to a close with the departure of personnel from Camp Borden and the disposal of the Camp's equipment.

Jan. 28, 1920 – No. 1 Squadron, CAF, disbands.

Jan. 3, 1922 – The Royal Mint produces Canada’s first five-cent pieces, made mostly of nickel.

Jan. 1, 1923 – The NDA takes effect, creating the Department of National Defence. The Air Board ceases to exist and the CAF, Department of Naval Service and the Department of Militia and Defence now fall under the new Department of National Defense.

Jan. 1, 1940 – The headquarters of the RCAF Overseas is established in London, England.

Jan. 19, 1946 – The RCAF adopts the roundel with a red maple leaf in the centre as its official insignia and authorizes its use on all RCAF aircraft.

Jan. 19, 1962 – The government announces a new immigration policy intended to remove any racial discrimination from the system.

Jan. 2, 1988 – Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan sign the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement.

Jan. 28, 1988 – The Supreme Court overturns the law that required a panel at an accredited hospital to determine if a woman’s life or health was endangered before allowing her to have an abortion. The decision paves way for abortion on demand.

Jan. 14, 1990 – The Via passenger train The Canadian makes its final cross country trip after the federal government orders the railway to cut service.

Jan. 1, 1991 – After months of protest, the GST takes effect. The federal tax adds seven per cent to the cost of many goods and services.

Jan. 17, 1991 – The air campaign against Saddam Hussein's forces begins, two days after Iraq's deadline to withdraw from Kuwait expires. Ground operations begin on February 24 and the operation ends March 3 when Hussein agrees to withdraw from Kuwait.

Jan. 19, 1991 – Canadian CF-18 jet fighters fly an offensive mission in the Persian Gulf War, marking the first time Canadian Forces have engaged in battle since the Korean War.

Jan. 1, 1993 – Flying operations cease at 1 Air Division in Europe.

Jan. 1, 1994 – The North American Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Canada and Mexico takes effect.

Jan. 12, 2000 – Beverly McLachlin becomes the first female chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. 




Did you enjoy the holidays, ladies? Did you make any unusual new years resolutions?

How did the love of your life propose to you? What did your friends say?

If you would like to share an experience with us, contact us here to share your stories even if it's just a paragraph. We look forward to hearing from you! 



Deborah Lovegrove (Miller) writes: I'm looking for Susan Cowley. We were in Baden together as brats and both joined. I joined 7346 and she was one of the next courses after me. I don't know what her trade was. Contact Deborah here

Response: If you are a base brat and want to contact others, there are Facebook accounts for that purpose, this is one of them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2233682787/

To send a response or comment, click here.




Dartmouth/Halifax, NS 

The Halifax/Dartmouth Ex-Airwomen's luncheon group will resume luncheons March 27, 2019. The location and time will be announced closer to the date. If you are interested in coming to our monthly luncheons or want more information, please contact Dot Kern via email: dorothyk5944@gmail.com.

Kingston, NS

Our next luncheon will be held at the Big Scoop on Hwy 1 in Wilmot, NS on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 12 noon. Please advise me by Friday, January 25th, 2019, if you will be attending, so I can advise the staff as to how many to expect. Thank you.  Anyone visiting in the area is welcome to attend. Let us know you would like to attend by contacting Pauline, at hughpd.ryan@ns.sympatico.ca.

Calgary, AB 

The Calgary Airwomen's group meet at #265 Legion on Kensington Road NW. The next luncheon will be in January 9, 2019 at 10:30 a.mEdith McMinn is the new President. Anyone interested to join us for lunches - Welcome! We also welcome Ex-Army and Ex-Navy ladies. I can be reached at edithmcm@shaw.ca or 403-242-2417.

Edmonton, AB 

The luncheons are usually held on the second Thursday of each month, (except June, July, August and December). The next one is January 10, 2019, at Tony Roma's in the Londonderry Shopping Mall, 6604 - 137th Avenue, at 12:30 p.m.

There is also a business meeting every fourth Sunday, (except June, July and August), at the Edmonton Air Museum, 11410 Kingsway Avenue, at 1:30 pm. The next meeting is on January 27, 2019. There is coffee and goodies. There are two ladies who bring something to eat at each meeting. At the same time we celebrate birthdays if there happens to be one the month we meet. 

If any Airwomen, retired, active or in the reserves, wishes to join us or become a member, please contact Isabelle (Issy) McLean, President at 780-722-0014

London, ON 

The Airwomen in London, ON, meet for lunch every 4th Friday at 11:30 a.m., at the 427 Wing, 2155 Crumlin Road, London. Our next meeting will be in January 25, 2019. If you would like to join us please contact Marilyn Chalk at almar1@rogers.com.


None at this time. 

Click here to let us know if you want to invite airwomen to your local luncheon/meeting/event. Check our calendar for more information.



For more information on all these and more, check out the link to this event page: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/events.

Do you know of any upcoming annual events happening in your community this winter? 

If you know of any noteworthy events or exhibits in your area you think might be of interest, please let us know by contacting us here.



As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our members have been with the angels for several years. They are included in our monthly newsletters as we find them.


Last Name   

First Name            Maiden Name       Date of Death     Age    City             


Bailey Gail Whalen 14 Nov 2018     81 Amherst NS
Caines-Thorne Barbara "BIM" Thorne 10 Oct 2018     76 Moncton NB
Chambers Dorothy Grotke 30 Oct 2013     91 Thunder Bay    ON
Deleavey Edith    Yeomans 30 Oct 2018     84 Edmundston NB
Gillis Edith Aileen Ryan 18 Jun 2018     83 Red Deer   AB
Heal Elizabeth Jane "Betty"   Slade 27 Dec 2011     80 Ottawa ON
Landry Ann MacNeil 11 Nov 2018     75 Evanston NS
Lawson Phyllis "Lee" Irene Leboutillier 16 May 2018     84 Winnipeg MB
MacFadyen Dorothy Moreen Reed Dec 2018     86 Winnipeg MB
McPhee Lorna Christine "Chris"    Johannson 10 Sep 2018     85 Laguna Hills CA
Nash Eboney Nash 29 Aug 2018     61 Ottawa ON
Rabie Anna Mary Rabie 16 Aug 2017     82 Salmon Arm BC
Saunders Evelyn Henrietta "Hank"    Miller 13 Sep 2016     95 High River AB
Savage Constance June "Connie" Lind 20 Oct 2018     84 Clearbrook BC
Shufflebotham    Joice Isabel Schmidt 21 Sep 2018     83 Kelowna BC
Twitchett Andrea Elisabeth Johnson 26 Nov 2018     79 Maple Ridge BC
Whyte    Janet "Sylvia" Hahn 6 Aug 2017     UK North Bay ON
Zaichkowski Marian Norris 8 Dec 2018     86 Moncton NB


If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can add their name to our Last Post. Thank you.


A “Very Happy Birthday” to our January Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing.



Tracey Everett - Chair

Leah Mosher - Vice-Chair/Liaison/Ottawa Contact 

Claire Williams - Treasurer

Jackie Sparrow - Webmaster and data base coordinator