July 2018


Happy Canada Day!




“When in doubt… Turn up the music and dance!”  


OTTAWA REUNION:             

Ladies, you can now make your hotel reservations. Click here to go to Reunion 14 information page. 

To access the Reunion 14 Registration form click on the Reunion 14 Registration button on our webpage or to go directly to the registration form, click here

The list of Reunion 14 Attendees is available from the email version of the newsletter only in keeping with the privacy act. The list will be updated as the names are submitted. 



Hello Ladies,

We checked out the hotel and we would like you to know that the prices for the rooms vary depending on the day. So, at the time of year that we will be attending our reunion they are, on average, around $300 a night. Althougth it seems expensive, the $185 a night is quite reasonable for Ottawa. 

On June 4, Tracey, Jackie and Leah met with local Ottawa ladies to share our thoughts and reunion plans to date, to confirm we were on the right track and to brainstorm other ideas. The Ottawa support team consists of Hilda Bond, Barb Flynn, June Humphries, Betty Panciuk and Ruth Wright. It was lovely to meet them and receive their feedback, insights and suggestions, which all indicate that we are well on our way to a fabulous reunion in June, 2019!

By the way, there is always room for more helpers on the Ottawa team. If you would like to volunteer, please email Leah Mosther - Vice-chair/Liaison/Ottawa Contact. Thank you.

Based on the results of our telephone calls thus far, to update the nominal roll, we have mailed out registration forms to some without email. However, in the meantime, if you can help each other by offering to go online and register someone without computer access, or if you can let us know if someone needs a printed version of the registration form, please contact us here



To see details about the preparation of the stamps themselves, click here

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here.


Canadian Airmen and Airwomen in Korea. Click here to read the story.            


Edith McMinn (nee Préfontaine) Gingras - Edith is the president of the Calgary Airwomen's Group - Veteran Profile 

Suzann McHardy - World War 2 veteran.  Suzann’s family were immigrants to Canada from the Netherlands, who came to Montreal in 1939. After the war broke out, the family attended an event at the Dutch Consulate. Suzann, her brother and sister were asked if they wanted to join the war effort. Her brother went into the Dutch Navy, while Suzann and her sister joined the Netherlands East India Service. Her basic training was in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia with the Americans. Other training continued in Brisbane, Australia. Suzann then became a member of the medical corps and served in New Guinea flying in the C47s doing medevacs, and then caring for patients in makeshift hospitals. The C47 flights also repatriated Dutch people back to their place of origin. Modestly, Suzann says she doesn’t feel she did anything special – she just did what had to be done. She felt bad, though, because mail service from New Guinea was practically non-existent, and so it was a long war for the parents too, not knowing how their children were doing. Many thanks, Suzann, for your service!

Sylvia writes - I was 18 years old, very inexperienced and going by train across the country. I was from Prince Alberta, Saskatchewan. At first I stayed in my little roomette, but some girls kept walking by and finally asked me to join them when they found out we were all going to the same place, St. Jean, Quebec. I enjoyed the train after that. We were picked up at the train when we arrived and taken to the base. We were ushered to the barracks, given our bunks but all I could hear was French. Nothing wrong with that except I couldn't speak or understand so all I could think is, "What have I done?". The next day we were divided so it wasn't so traumatic. Those were very heady days, ones I will always remember. Montreal was wonderful to explore in those days . The taxi drivers were funny, friendly and very helpful. Great time!!

Betty Pancuik - First leave in the RCAF 

If you would like to share an experience with us, contact us here to share your stories even if it's just a paragraph. We look forward to hearing from you!  



There will be no luncheons over the summer. The September luncheon schedule will be in the August newsletter.

Click here to let us know if you want to invite airwomen to your local luncheon/meeting/event.

If you want to start a luncheon group in your local area, let us know. We can put it in the newsletter to let the ladies know where to find you. Rembember this organization was started with a few friends getting together for lunch.


Do you know of any upcoming noteworthy annual events or exhibits happening in your community this summer? Please let us know by contacting us here.



As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our colleagues may have died several years ago. They are included in our monthly newsletters so that we may honour them.


Last Name   

First Name            Maiden Name       Date of Death     Age    City             



Ruby May  Jackson 15 Jun 2018  82 Calgary



Elizabeth Ethel "Betty"    Dennis 9 Jun 2018  80 Dartmouth



Carolyn Vivian Dorrington 10 Jun 2018  78 New Glasgow   



Leola Madeline "Lee" Dowe 11 Feb 2018  88 Enfield


If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can honour them with an entry in our Last Post. Thank you.



A “Very Happy Birthday” to our July Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing. Please let us know if you want your birthday put on or taken off the list. 


Tracey Everett - Chair

Leah Mosher - Vice-Chair/Liaison/Ottawa Contact 

Claire Williams - Treasurer

Jackie Sparrow - Webmaster and data base coordinator