JUNE 2022




"I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific." - Lily Tomlin



Only 105 days to go! The place is Winnipeg. The dates are Septmeber 13, 14, and 15. The venue is at Airport Hilton Suites 1800 Wellington Avenue in Winnipeg. We have room for more airwomen, please invite your friends. You can forward this newsletter or have them visit our website at 

Although exact timings have not been finalized for all days, the Reunion will follow this general format:

Tuesday, 13 September, 2022 – Registration during the day, then in the late afternoon the Meet and Greet starts, with a sit-down meal and entertainment.

Wednesday, 14 September, 2022 – Free time during the day, however we have organized a local outing, transportation included. Timings to follow along with final price.  A get-together for cocktails in the late afternoon, we will be piped in to a formal sit-down dinner and entertainment.

Thursday, 15 September, 2022 – A non-denominational church service in the morning, followed by a brunch.

If you do not yet have all the information or you want to register for the reunion, see our links below. You can also contact us here if you have any questions.  

We want those of you who are coming to the reunion, and those of you still thinking about it, to know we have a great space for visiting with old and new friends. The Winnipeg committee has enjoyed planning the trip and finding interesting entertainment for your enjoyment. 

REGISTRATION FEE: 15 June, 2022, the deadline for the full registration fee, has arrived.  If you are unable to make it, please let us know. The final refund date for the $200 portion of the fee is 15 July, 2022, there will be no refunds after this date. 



Vests and Polo Shirts - Prices, pictures, and contact information for ordering. The order is going in this month on the 15th. Please pay when you order. This will be the final order 

Contact Us - For questions about Reunion 15. 

R15 Registration Form - When you fill out this form you will be added to the Attendee list if you are a member.



Flo Reid writes:  

Just a reminder to keep collecting and sending your postage stamps. I have been getting lots of stamps in the mail and have had some wonderful communications via e-mail and phone with some of our ex-airwomen from coast to coast.  

I think this is a very worthwhile project due to our worldwide Pandemic and we should continue to donate our stamps to Oxfam.   

If you have any questions, please phone Flo at 403-990-1556 or e-mail

To see details about the preparation of the stamps, click here

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here.



Meetings are starting up again. Go to a luncheon and meet up with friends. So far the feedback has been positive. Getting out and seeing each other in person has been an uplifting experience. 

Not all of the regular luncheons are posted in the newsletter. Check with your luncheon coordinators to find out if your group is starting to meet again.


Edmonton, AB

The next luncheon is scheduled for June the 15th at 12:00 noon at Tony Romas's 137Ave - 66St, EdmontonAny questions, please call me, Elke Carr, at 1-780-912-9242 or e-mail me at

Greenwood/Kingston, NS

The next Luncheon for the Kingston/Greenwood Ex RCAF Airwomen will be held on Wednesday, June 15th, 2022 at the OAKEN BARREL RESTAURANT in Greenwood, NS at 12 Noon. Anyone wishing to attend can get  in touch with me before the 12th of May, 2022 at

Halifax/Dartmouth, NS

HALIFAX/DARTMOUTH RCAF EX-AIRWOMEN GROUP will be meeting again for our Monthly Luncheon on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 at 1 p.m.  in the Conference Room at  the SWISS CHALET RESTAURANT, 358 Lacewood Drive, Halifax. We have been there before. If you are interested in attending, please contact Dot Kern at 902-783-2462 or via email at

Kingston ON and Trenton, ON 

These luncheon groups decided to get together at the end of May. As I'm sure this was a success, I look forward to publishing their next meeting(s) in the website calendar

Charlottetown/Summerside, PEI "SUCCESS!"

This is the FIRST luncheon of the PEI RCAF Airwomen Group luncheon held on May 18, 2022.



We are planning another get together at the Loyalist County Inn & Conference Centre in Summerside at noon. If you are interested in joining us you are invited to contact Debbie at


*If you host a regular luncheon, please contact us let us know where you are. You are not required to publish your information in the newsletter but we can put you in contact with ladies looking for a luncheon group in the area. Thanks so much for participating!*



As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our members have been with the angels for several years. They are included in our monthly newsletters as we find them. Click on the highlighted names to view obituaries. 

 Last Name  

 First Name             Maiden Name    Date of Death     Age    City             



 Delphine Angilla Melissa "Del"   

 Crooks 15 May 2022    89  Dartmouth NS

 Lola Mae

 Beck 29 Nov 2021    83  Winnipeg MB

 Beverley Anne

 Wickhorst 30 Dec 2021    88  Strathmore AB


 Ramsay 21 Nov 2019    87  Ottawa ON

 Olga Helen 

 Shewchuk 9 Nov 2021    96  London    ON

 Margaret Elizabeth "Mac"

 MacDonald 24 Apr 2022    84  Dartmouth NS


 Dorothy Alice

 Warkentin 5 Aug 2020    83  Prince George    BC


 Vicki Anne

 Wombolt 12 Aug 2021    84  Chilliwack BC


 Barbara Joan

 Williams 11 Dec 2019    82  Qualicum Beach    BC

 Margaret "Shoupie"

 Shoup 10 May 2022    89  Ottawa ON

 Florence Joan "Flo"

 Ferguson 12 Mar 2022    80  Gabriola BC

 Elsie "Diane"

 Woodward 26 May 2022    84  Langley BC

If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here if you do not see their name in the Last Post on our website. Thank you.


A “Very Happy Birthday” to our June birthday ladies. 

If your birthday is missing from this list it is because we don't have it. Please click on the Change Information form to add something or make corrections. 



Tracey Everett - Chair, Newsletter

Claire Williams - Treasurer

Pat Brennan - Vice-Chair, Winnipeg Committee Chair