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 September 2018




"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."  Margaret Mead


OTTAWA REUNION:             

We have extended our due date for the $50 deposit until September 30, 2018. Please forward your cheques to the address on the top of the registration form, thank you. For ladies who may still want to attend but are not yet registered, please send your deposit when you register. The final date for the rest of the fee ($200) is due by March 1, 2019.  

If you have not reserved your hotel room please do as soon as possible as we have to advise the hotel of the space we will need. Room rates will be guarenteed until 4pm EDT, April 30, 2019. However, we only have a certain number of rooms blocked off, so once they are gone, there may be no more rooms available. 

For updated Reunion 14 information, click here

To access the Reunion 14 Registration page click on the Reunion 14 Registration button on our webpage or to go directly to the registration form, click here

The list of Reunion 14 Attendees is available from the email version of the newsletter only in keeping with the privacy act. The list will be updated as the names are submitted. For more information, contact us here 



Hello Ladies!

The Executive has researched polo shirts and vests to sell at the reunion. In the meantime we have purchased samples of red polo shirts and blue vests. A minimum order of each type is required to place an order. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt and/or vest and want to see pictures, please email us here this month to let us know. We will let you know in the next newsletter if we have enough interest to make an order.  More information will follow if we meet the quota.



To see details about the preparation of the stamps themselves, click here

We donate these stamps to Oxfam Canada. To find out more about Oxfam click here.


The interviews on the following website are copywrite protected so we will be giving you a link to listen to and read about Margaret Baker: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/video-gallery/video/6596     


Jaye Edwards is one of three women still alive who flew Spitfires and bombers during the war:



Boot camp experiences:

Edie writes: Course 6236 - My last name was Bayliss so I was the first of the line for the airwomen and we always followed the men in line. We were going out for our first "Pass" so we were all in line at the gatehouse. I noticed that the men all handed in their paperwork and it was dealt with and then they got a little white box. My turn came up and after the paperwork was handled I still stood there so he looked up and asked what I was waiting for?  I said, "The little white box." He said, "You don't get one." Everyone within earshot including him started to laugh and finally I caught on... I could feel the flush in my face as I realized what was in the little white box. 

Gwen writes: You asked for stories about boot camp. Two items that stick in my mind about Airwoman's boot camp at St. Jean, Quebec, both in 1960 were as follows - 1. We marched in formation everywhere on the base. At age 18, I was only five feet tall, so they put me in the middle of the pack, so that I couldn't fall behind. The pain in my shin bones was so bad, I swore they would break, but they didn't. I marched for three months with tears rolling down my cheeks, but I refused to give up. 2. That summer at St. Jean happened to be the year that June bugs were prolific (every 7 years, I think). As I left the airman's mess just after dark to go back to barracks, the street lights came on and attracted the June bugs. They were in my hair, in my ears, and crunching under my feet. It was awful. I've never run so fast in my life, while screaming my head off. 

Do you have any stories about how your uniform fit when you first put it on?

If you would like to share an experience with us, contact us here to share your stories even if it's just a paragraph. We look forward to hearing from you! 



There are no requests this month.



LUNCHEONS will be starting up again in September.  Please note the following:

Dartmouth/Halifax, NS 

The Halifax/Dartmouth Ex-Airwomen's group will be getting together for their monthly luncheon on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 1pm. The luncheon will be at May Garden (Chinese Restaurant) Mill Cove Plaza, 961 Bedford Highway - in the shopping plaza across from Hammonds Plains Road. If you are interested in coming to our monthly luncheons or want more information, please contact Dot Kern via email: dorothyk5944@gmail.com 

Kingston, NS

The Kingston, NS RCAF Airwomen's group will meet on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at the CHINA VILLAGE RESTAURANT, Central Avenue, Greenwood, NS at 12 noon. We were unable to mak a reservation at the Family Diner for this date as they are not open on Wednesdays. We change locations each time as we like to support the various businesses in this small community. We welcome newcomers. If you would like to join us please contact Pauline at hughpd.ryan@ns.sympatico.ca.

Calgary, AB 

The Calgary Airwomen's group meet every second Wednesday of the month from September through to June at 264 Legion on Kensington Road NW. The next luncheon is on September 12 at 11am, with some arriving a little earlier. If you need any more information, contact Marion at mascaros@shaw.ca

Edmonton, AB 

The luncheons are usually held on the second Thursday of each month. The next one is September 13, at Tony Roma's in the Westmount Shopping Centre. 

There is also a business meeting every fourth Sunday, (except June, July and August), at the Edmonton Air Museum, 11410 Kingsway Avenue, at 1:30 pm. The next meeting is on September 23. There is coffee and goodies. There are two ladies who bring something to eat at each meeting. At the same time we celebrate birthdays if there happens to be one the month we meet. 

If any Airwomen, retired, active or in the reserves, wishes to join us or become a member, please contact Isabelle (Issy) McLean, President at 780-722-0014

London, ON 

The Airwomen in London, ON, meet for lunch every 4th Friday, next one is September 28, at 427 London Wing of the RCAF Association located at Crumlin Road opposite the London Airport, except July, August and December. If you would like to join us please contact Marilyn Chalk at almar1@rogers.com.


Comox, BC

The annual Comox Valley Airwomen's pot luck will be held at Branch 160 Comox Legion on 21 October at 2:oo pm. Bring your favourite potluck dish and join us. A fun part of the afternoon is a re-gift exchange. Bring a wrapped item that you no longer use and be entered for the draw. For more information contact jan.fra@shaw.ca

Kingston and Trenton, ON 

The next luncheon is coming up in November, more details to follow. The luncheons are not held at regular intervals but if anyone wants to be added to the list you can email Shirley. Click here. Or you can drop us a note, here


Click here to let us know if you want to invite airwomen to your local luncheon/meeting/event.

If you want to start a luncheon somewhere, let us know. We can put it in the newsletter to let the ladies in the area know about it and you can get in touch with each other to set it up. Remember this organization was started with a couple of friends getting together for lunch. 



For more information on all these and more, check out our Events page here.

Do you know of any upcoming annual events happening in your community this summer? 

If you know of any noteworthy events or exhibits in your area you think might be of interest, please let us know by contacting us here.



As the members of the committee update the nominal roll, we are discovering that some of our colleagues may have died several years ago. They are included in our monthly newsletters so that we may honour them.


Last Name   

First Name            Maiden Name       Date of Death     Age    City             



Alice Earla Rupert 25 Jul, 2018     86 Cornwall ON


Margaret Alice Spencer  31 Dec, 2013     75 Bible Hill


Buchanan Lois Nesbitt 23 Jun, 2018     86 London ON
Butts Jessie Waye 7 Aug, 2015     82 Sydney Mines   NS
Cheshire Bess Fricker 2015     UK Dartmouth NS
Cruchley Signe Alanen 22 Apr, 2017     96 Sarnia ON
Dipaulo Georgina Norah "Noreen"   Conlon 9 Nov, 2008     77 Sault Ste. Marie   ON
Lebel Maureen Jocelyn Still  27 Jan, 2018     96 Winnipeg MB
MacMullen Halle Ruth "Scotty"
Lumsden 6 Aug, 2018     81 Comox BC
Patterson Lovie Onischuk 24 Feb, 2018     87 Winnipeg MB

If you have a notification of a member who has died, please let us know here so that we can honour them with an entry in our Last Post. Thank you.


A “Very Happy Birthday” to our September Birthday ladies. Click here for the listing.



Tracey Everett - Chair

Leah Mosher - Vice-Chair/Liaison/Ottawa Contact 

Claire Williams - Treasurer

Jackie Sparrow - Webmaster and data base coordinator