Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

June 18, 19, 20, 1993

Donna (Robbie) Roberge held the second reunion at Carleton University, Ottawa in June 1993 and approximately 300 ladies attended. The committee members were Gertie Giroux, Sandy McRitchie, Terry Todd and Geri Johnson. For this reunion the BC group started a quilting bee and produced a beautiful quilt with an Airforce theme to be raffled. off.

One of the memorable occasions of this reunion was the spectacular entrance of the flaming Baked Alaska. Hard to beat that performance!

Standing: Yvonne Morgan, Myrna Bostick, Alma Addis, Sharon Sinclair, Unknown, Carol Young. Kneeling: Marilyn Archibald, Unknown, Bev Veale.
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